About me

I am a self-taught fiber artist and ritualista, living in Belgium during the year, and in Bulgaria for the summer. At the age of 13 I started taking my reflex camera with me everywhere, documenting and developing my analogue photographs in my dark room, calling the local photographer for advice as my films came out all burnt at first. (thank you Jan Leemans!)

After studying communication, I went living abroad and started creating art again. Chile, Naples, Montreal, Finland: these long stays have definitely influenced me and my work.

In 2008 I became a mother for the first time and we decided to settle in my childhood home in the countryside of a small town in the North of Belgium with Nedko, my beloved one. In 2011 we had our second child and except for bulgarians summer we became more sedentarian, discovering the advantages of having a real studio to create and be inspired.

Both of our kids go to the local waldorf school – where I teach textile – and while they are learning all kinds of interesting things, we are creating in our studios in the old stables.

Artist Statement

I create art medicine for the soul with a deep wish of contributing to the healing and harmonisation of the living. By assembling found pictures and prayers, cloths and threads, I create a poetic story that give impressions rather than an exact plot.

My creations give a feeling of dreaminess and nostalgy and thanks to a word, a stitch or a photo the eye is guided or given clues, to receive a message for the soul.

I work very intuitively most of the time, but an artwork can be initiated by an intention, a dream or a thought. Always a prayer pops up while I’m working. A prayer for healing and harmony.

Cells and seeds

 Print on demand on high quality paper.

A5 format – unframed