Poetic collages for curiosity collectors, made to slow down time & make you feel in pure harmony by bringing you messages for the soul.

Maëlle Pouppez is a fiber artist who makes cabinet of curiosity collages and assemblages. Her poetic art gives you a warm feeling of nostalgy and fills your heart with gratitude for the small beauties of life.
Every artwork is a medicine for the soul.


Created with love and care in Belgium & Bulgaria.

All art works are 100% hand-made, using only eco-friendly or recycled materials

  • Cabinet of curiosity style
  • Vintage, poetic and dreamy atmosphere
  • Art medicine for the soul – art apothecary
  • Created in connection with the living
  • Spi-ritual and ecological


Maëlle is also a ritual creator and uses her practices to create her art in deep connection with the living.

I specialize in original art work collections and high quality prints.

For mock-ups, framing or special requests, please feel free to contact me.

Sisterhood #1

Original art work 400 € shipping included – unframed


“Maëlle creates connection between the world’s spirit, nature and beauty.

– Barbara V., psychotherapist