Healing all cells / original artwork


This artwork is about healing the world in all its cells.

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This artwork is about healing the world in all its cells.

It is about being indigenous to our planet instead of being coloniser. To remember we are the children of the earth. We are part of it.

This piece will inspire you to walk your own path by caring for mother earth and all its cells.


The poem written on it goes like this:

Maybe to heal the world

we should heal its cells

All the cells

Yours, mine, theirs, ours, yours.

Clean, wash, rince, soap, observe, care, console, worship, welcome, feel,

accept, salute, cherish, honour, celebrate, inundate, separate, let go or put under glass

in a frame, or in our heart, next to all the small and big things welcomed in us. As a conscious part of us.

Maybe to heal the world, we could try to heal its cells. All cells.

Yours, mine?



ink and isobetadine on paper – found photograph

42cm x 42cm on 2mm thick filter paper

This piece is unframed so it can be sent more easily to your home. This way you will be able to chose the perfect matching frame for your interior.

If you would like some advice on framing or if you would like me to frame it, please contact me to receive an offer. I work with a very professional framing compagny, I love their work an they will be happy to frame it for you.


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