Honoring your memories

” I want to take your dearest memories out of their boxes, out of the attic. Make a piece of art with them, and give them a place in your life.” Often we don’t want to throw away the things we keep in boxes. So we forget them until we meet them sporadically in our wardrobe. Then we wonder what to do with them? Too valuable to give away, too valuable to keep in a box.


I would like to give those old fabrics (even the ones with holes), photographs, grandmother’s love letters and recipes, postcards, mementos and souvenirs a place in your lives. To honor them. To free them out of their cardboard prison.













On the day of the baby’s birth, I walk in the natural surroundings of where he/she will grow up (a garden, a park,…or in mine if the distance doesn’t allow it), and I collect plants and flowers with apropriate messages. I hammer them on textile in true connection with the baby and its family and I write what I hear and what I think of, what the weather is like, wishes, or stories that the parents told me.

You can give me some words, papers, pictures, textile or thread that you want me to add. Maybe something to bring him/her luck, something that belonged to her/his ancestors. Some lyrics, a stone or a feather and other symbols that will make this piece of textile a special personalized gift for the newborn. This piece could be used on her/his (birth) ritual.



By working with vow, values, key words, songs, poems etc, I create personalized gifts for your loved ones. This globe was made as a wedding gift.

The gold thread woven inside the bulb is a symbol for the wedding: the two individuals are woven into something more than just the sum of them both.





Stitching stories


The concept of stitching stories is a larger textile piece.

It can be a wall piece, a tablecloth, a pillow or even a curtain.

The work in the photographs is a wall piece I made for my daughter on the occasion of her 7th year ritual.

The little pockets were filled with family members’ wishes, poems, songs, drawings, etc. that they contributed during and after the ritual.

Power objects


I have been making some ritual accessories for ritual masters now and then, like sacred sticks, talking feathers, healing nests, dreamcatchers, worry dolls and others.

I can also help you making your own personal talisman.

I use natural or recycled materials and I work on commission as well. If you would like to purchase one of these or if you have a specific demand, please contact me.


ritual feather


Ritual sticks


These ritual sticks were made by a child accompanied by a parent to prepare the child’s 7 years ritual.

It is often tricky to accompany a child in their creative process, as adults have a tendency to take control without taking the time to watch their child mess things up. By slowing down to the child’s rythm, and giving him/her space for creation and decision making, a real connection and collaboration can develop. The creative process is then often more important than the result and can be therapeutical for both child and parent.


The making of the stick is a ritual in itself but it also has its place in a ritual and is a nice souvenir of this special moment, that will remind you and your kid about this important threshold in the child’s life each time you see it.

Other possibilities

A campfire with a profesional storyteller who will tell your family stories and memories, gathered beforehand.

A guiding through the making of a your personal talisman.

A work of art made with material found in the house you are renovating. (cf pictures)

A mix of all this.

Everything is possible as long as it makes sense for you.