Weaving stories together

The idea of participation is the same as above, but we weave something together instead of stitching and hammering plants.

collective weaving during bachelors ritual (above) (On the right), collective weaving made during baby visits.


This can be done during women or men circles, bachelor rituals, weddings, birth visits or rituals ,… When we accompany friends or family through these rituals, the vibes and energy we feel are often ‘lost’ in the moment.

Taking a moment to intentionally collaborate on a piece, allows us to literally and figuratively weave intentions, energies and wishes into a piece of art.

Each guest weaves a few rows of thread or natural material creating a special and unique souvenir of the ritual  that will shine with the wishes and intentions put in it by the weavers.

This collective piece of art will be a special souvenir of the ritual itself and will shine the wishes and intentions put in it by the weavers.