Stitching stories together


Too often, special events pass by without a celebration. And when there is celebration, we can have the feeling that it was impersonal. By working together on a work of art, it allows us to take stock of the moment, to contemplate its meaning and to give it a place in your mind and soul. A nice activity to mark a special moment is to make a textile piece together. My role in this process is to I accompany you in your creativity by offering ideas and techniques. Together we decide on the concept, and from there, either I complete the work, or I help you create your own rendering of the concept.


These pictures show a participative project where I accompanied a couple in the making of a double textile piece (in mirror) a few days before their ceremony right on the spot where they were going to be married, with plants of that same spot.



On her bachelorette’s women circle I asked the future bride’s friends to stitch a few abstract


intentions on her piece adding some colors, stones, shells,..

The textile pieces were hung on an arch during the ritual and are now kept as a memory of these beautiful moments.