On the day of the baby’s birth, I walk in the natural surroundings of where he/she will grow up (a garden, a park,…or in mine if the distance doesn’t allow it), and I collect plants and flowers with apropriate messages. I hammer them on textile in true connection with the baby and its family and I write what I hear and what I think of, what the weather is like, wishes, or stories that the parents told me.

You can give me some words, papers, pictures, textile or thread that you want me to add. Maybe something to bring him/her luck, something that belonged to her/his ancestors. Some lyrics, a stone or a feather and other symbols that will make this piece of textile a special personalized gift for the newborn. This piece could be used on her/his (birth) ritual.



By working with vow, values, key words, songs, poems etc, I create personalized gifts for your loved ones. This globe was made as a wedding gift.

The gold thread woven inside the bulb is a symbol for the wedding: the two individuals are woven into something more than just the sum of them both.