I’m a fiber artist based and born in Lier, Belgium.

I work with natural and/or recycled material: wool, cotton,

paper, drift wood, rusted iron, plants, old pictures.

I like mixing techniques: embroidery, poetry, spinning,

weaving, natural dying and printing, writing, drawing, painting.

photo credit: Eloïse Vilain

My work

Everything is about repair.
Repairing broken things. Sweaters with holes, the damaged planet, excluded people, the discriminated.
Second chance, second life. Everything but resigning.
A photograph, a thread, some written words. A number showing the time, or the emergency.All those things put together
assembled, pasted, embroidered create a new history.


The thread

The thread guides the story.

Connects the elements.

Guides the eyes.

towards new horizons, full of promisses.

In the thread, sometimes a hair.

In the ink, sometimes blood.

In the embroidery, a prayer.

Repairing tolerance and love.

Mending harmony

Weaving links. Unify.

Slow down and see.