One year ago I gathered all my “art for ritual”-projects under one name in order to propose it not only to friends, but also to everyone who would like to honour their special day, or their loss with a piece of art.

Celebr-arte was born during a weekend about “initiatiefkarma” at ArtObe. It was one of the weekends of their training ‘karma praxis’ that I have been doing for two years now. Click on the link to discover their amazing offer of workshops, trainings and coaching.

So the project was born, I put order in my ideas, translated my website in 3 languages. Solved some problems on the structure of the site. Came across new website problems, solved them. (Now I think I can make wordpress websites. Or simple ones anyway.)


And a little bit before lockdown I had my first order. I was asked to make an art piece to honour her parents who had passed away some years ago. She had kept some of their stuff. Mostly clothes, photographs, a painting, papers, little objects, tabacco.

We met in a 2 hours session where she shared her memories, told me about who her parents were. Their relationship with her and with each other. Explaining the box of memories, the pictures and sharing some of their favorite music.

After that I started creating. After a few days I had two or three directions and I sent her some pictures. She gave me some feedback and I went on.

Last week she came to pick up the art pieces and I was so happy and grateful to see she liked them and that she was deeply touched. Now she could give all of this a special place in her house, in sight, she said.


Together we took the memories and objects out of the closet, literally. In order to honour them.

And what about the things I didn’t use in the art piece? Now that the memories are honoured, she can give them away to charity for instance. Now it feels right.



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